As an international European event, the European Sport Congress is hosted by a new presidency each edition, in different locations across Europe, in September.

EUSC 2024 will take place in September 2024.

The presidency maintains the structure of three partner organisations that, jointly, lead the organisation structure of the congress, being those a hosting City, a national or international university, and the National Olympic Committee or national sport representation of the country.

Based on this structure, Municipalities, Universities, and Sport Institutions from any European country can apply to host the presidency of the EUSC. The application process can be done by one organisation or a consortium of 2 or 3 organisations with the mentioned profiles.

  • Downloading and reviewing the guidelines for bids.
  • Setting up the consortium for the application.
  • Drafting the application on the EUSC template for bids.
  • Preparing a motivation letter to be signed by the legal representative of the applicant institution or the delegated representative of the consortium.
  • Completing the web application form and attaching the application.
  • EUSC team will review your application and mark the proposal.
  • The management staff will be contacting you in order to gather more information. 
  • Online meetings will be scheduled.
  • Agreements will be signed to continue the application
  • The EUSC team will visit the suggested venue and work with the team in order to draft the agenda for the event and to select the topics for the conference.
  • The EUSC team will approve the final proposal for the congress and the presidency will be awarded.
  • Contracts and agreements between the presidency members and the EUSC will be signed.
  • The EUSC will announce the awarded bid for the Presidency of the following edition during the closure of the conference.

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