The European Sport Congress is an international conference focused on the European perspective of sport, the design and implementation of innovative projects, and the internationalisation of sport-related institutions and the mobility of their staff.

The EUSC is an annual itinerant event, facilitating the access of a variety of stakeholders and generating an impact over different European regions over the years.

Besides the physical event, EUSC also has an online venue, where the communications submitted are available for one year, allowing participants to disseminate their projects’ results and present ideas on a long-lasting channel.

our goals

Promote key information about the Erasmus+ Sport call

Disseminate results and experiences from funded projects

Facilitate the communication and visibility of new ideas and accelerate proposals

Enable the acquisition of practical information for proposal drafting and project implementation 

Stimulate networking among different stakeholders within the EU scheme

Our commitment

The European Sport Congress is committed to the well-being of its participants, stakeholders and overall society by enabling the full potential of participation, promoting sustainable behaviours and having an inclusive agenda. We aim at preserving and advocating for a better society for the present and future generations. For this, the congress is organized around three overarching values:


The EUSC avoids the use of paper and plastic materials. Instead, it focuses on digital communication and tools, promotes the use of recycled materials, and enables participants with eco-friendly options throughout the event. The EUSC also partners with institutions that have sustainable policies and works with local companies that comply with our values, both promoting the regional economy and encouraging the adoption of green solutions.


The right to share and access information are at the core of the EUSC, as an event that prioritizes disseminating projects in sports and making them available. Not only should information be accessible, it should be easy to find and reach the right audience, which is why communications submitted to the congress get published on the online platform, shared via Social Media channels, collected in the Book of Abstracts, screened during the congress and might be presented at the EUSC2023 main stage.


Allowing minorities or people with disabilities the same opportunities and treatment is essential to promoting inclusion, which leads to better discussions and policies. All the venues of the event are carefully chosen for their accessibility features. The EUSC works to have equal representation between genders and to encourage discussions on diversity and inclusion.

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